Gustavo Bessa

Gustavo Banzai Bessa also known as “Coach Gus” is a Brazilian born and American raised MMA fighter currently fighting out of Portland, OR. Banzai is one of the top prospects coming out of the Pacific Northwest. Before turning pro he was ranked as the #1 Featherweight and is currently among the top 20 Professional Featherweights in the Pacific Northwest.

Gus has been practicing Martial Arts since he was a child, learning some Capoeira in the streets of Brazil. After moving to the United States, he got heavily involved in Wrestling, becoming a State place holder after only three seasons. Gus eventually moved on to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA, holding successful careers in both. He has been coaching for over seven years now. To learn more about coach Gus’ fighting career, visit his website at