"Gus’ knowledge and enthusiasm kept me on track."

“I started with Gus’ H.I.I.T. workouts about a year ago. At the time I had not been in a gym in at least 3 years. I am a 54 yr. old man and I knew I needed to get back on a fitness program. I was not really overweight but I had gotten very “soft” and my cardio was lacking. I got back to my routine at 24 hour fitness but really needed something else to kick start my metabolism. I found an ad Gus had [posted] and thought I would give it a try. Gus’ passion for fitness and knowledge of nutrition was just what I needed. His workouts are very challenging, especially starting out, but he emphasizes form and will modify workouts for individual needs. My first goal was to lose body fat. In 3.5 months I dropped 18 lbs and my cardio and metabolism were really starting to take off. The next 5 months I worked on putting the weight back on but maximizing muscle gain. Gus’ knowledge and enthusiasm kept me on track. My energy level is so much better now from where I started. I have changed my lifestyle and look forward to my workouts with Gus. In a year I have gone from 185 lbs. at 24% body fat to 185 lbs. at 13% body fat and feel so much better. I owe a lot of that to Gus’ encouragement and advise.”


"Fun, challenging workouts that really help you achieve your goals.

“Fun, challenging workouts that really help you achieve your goals. These 35 min circuits are the perfect complement to any workout routine or as a stand alone. They change daily but are similar enough that you don’t start at square one with each movement. The mix of cardio, weight/strength training, and “MMA” really keeps your body and mind on its toes so you avoid plateaus, and boredom. No waiting for machines, no guessing or wandering, and no creepers!
I was traveling recently and had the misfortune of having to workout in the world’s smallest hotel “fitness center”. Lucky for me there was a heavy bag, bosu ball, and kettle bells so I could do my own circuit. The second day I had to share the tiny space with some dude and his trainer who were doing a very similar workout to what Gus puts together for us. I was immediately struck by the lack of quality, expertise, and intensity level of this so-called HIIT workout. I also cringed every time this poor dude attempted anything on the bag. The trainer had no idea what they were doing and I’m positive this guy was in pain later due to terrible form. Witnessing this made me appreciate what Gus offers even more. He really takes the time to show us proper technique, not so we can be fighters, but because he understands that proper form equals better results, better range of motion, and less injuries. He is truly dedicated to his craft and sharing that passion with all of his clients. We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to train with a pro athlete instead of a “certified personal trainer” you’d find anywhere else.”


"The workouts are carefully and tactfully written and ANY skill level can do them!"

” I have fought professionally in MMA exposed to many, many different types of workouts and pre-competition training programs, but nothing quite like MMA HIT FITNESS! The workouts are carefully and tactfully written and ANY skill level can do them! A professional athlete like myself or a business professional mom like my wife (which she does them faithfully) can do them! At 43 years old I am in the best shape of my life! These workouts have been key in getting me here. I don’t miss my 2 days a week of MMA HIT FITNESS and best of all only 35 minutes!”


"The workouts are always fun and challenging! "

“HIIT Fitness is AMAZING! The workouts are always fun and challenging! The changes in my physique and over-all well-being have been phenomenal and [I] couldn’t have done it without Gus! He has the ability to incorporate different exercise philosophies and gauge personal fitness levels and develops quick engaging workouts that are completed in under an hour! I recommend HITT Fitness to everyone who wishes to improve their overall fitness and flexibility! THANK YOU GUS!”


"At any level, it is a privilege to train with Gus!"

“As a beginner with no martial arts experience, Gus brings you into the world of MMA HIIT Fitness with a patient guidance that alleviates nerves and tension. As a competitor, it is an honor to learn from such a great Ninja. At any level, it is a privilege to train with Gus!”


"Great to be part of the team…"

“I’ve been M.I.A. (Mission in action) for a few weeks; however, all the hard work put in over the last month paid off this morning during the test of my physical abilities to perform daily duties in the army. I Increased sit up reps by 15, decreased run time by 45 seconds, push-ups no change at the time. I appreciate the motivation from all especially Gus, Jason and Marsha. Great to be part of the team…be back in action soon!”