About Us

Founded in 2014 by Professional MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Fighter Gustavo “Banzai” Bessa, MMA HIIT Fitness was created for the everyday person who wants to feel great and look good. Although an active competitor, Banzai understands that not everyone wants to be a fighter. When he created MMA HIIT Fitness, Banzai wanted to create an effective workout that draws from the intensity of MMA training but for those who have never participated in martial arts. He had in mind the everyday person with busy lives; multitasking moms, men trying to avoid the “dad bod”, people who never trained a day in their life, student athlete looking for a competitive edge through cross training, women of all ages who want to learn how to defend themselves, the 40 and over crowd who want to feel like they are still in their 20s, and anyone wanting to maintain their youth through exercise and learning how to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you identify with any of those groups, chances are once you try it, you will love it. MMA HIIT Fitness was made for you!

With over 10 years of experience in the Martial Arts world, Banzai uses techniques from various disciplines used by today’s Professional Fighters in combination with other variety of other exercises for a full body workout. These exercises include an array of calisthenics, core strengthening and lower body focused exercises, weight training, and different drills made to improve your cardio, strength, flexibility, mental toughness, and confidence to build a better you. At MMA HIIT Fitness we aim to innovate; new exercises, new movements, new equipment, and new perspectives that get results. Every circuit written has 30 new exercises every time you come in to train to keep pushing your body to its fullest potential.

MMA HIIT Fitness is devoted to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. Our mission is to provide a fun, encouraging, innovative, and comprehensive exercise program (including assistance with nutrition and supplementation) that will motivate you and help you achieve your goals. Together, we can build a better you.